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International conference in Linguistics, Anthropology, Ethnography & Ethnic Education.

Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Department of Indigenous Languages of Siberia

Tomsk, Russia 24-28 June, 2011


The Department of Siberian Indigenous Languages at Tomsk State Pedagogical University is pleased to announce the XXVI International Conference “Dulzon Readings” to be held in Tomsk June 24-28, 2011. “XXVI Dulzon Readings”, which commemorates in 2011 the 110th anniversary of A.P. Dulzon and the 80th anniversary of the Faculty of Foreign Languages at TSPU.

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Preliminary Program

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Conference Venue

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Previous Dulson Readings (2008)





Organizing Committee of the Symposium




  Prof. Dr. Olga A. Osipova

  Tomsk State Pedagogical University,

  Faculty for Foreign languages


  Associate Prof. Dr. Andrey Yu. Filchenko

  Tomsk State Pedagogical University,

  Chair of the Department of Indigenous Languages of Siberia



  Associate Prof. Olga S. Potanina

  Tomsk Polytechnic University,

  Associate professor, Faculty for Foreign languages


  Associate Prof. Dr. Elena A. Krjukova

  Tomsk State Pedagogical University,

  Associate professor, Faculty for Foreign languages


Associate Prof. Dr. Natalja A. Tuchkova

  Tomsk State Pedagogical University,

  Associate professor, Faculty for History


  Associate Prof. Dr. Natalja V. Polyakova

  Tomsk State Pedagogical University,

  Associate professor, Faculty for Foreign languages


  Associate Prof. Dr. Irina E. Vysotova

  Tomsk State Pedagogical University,

   Dean of the Faculty for Foreign Languages


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Conference thematic area


Traditionally the International Series of Conferences “Dulzon Readings” covers a wide range of topics: typological studies of the languages of Russia, Germanic and Romance studies (previous conference - "25Dulzon Readings" (2008)); linguistic, ethnographic and archeological studies of national minorities of Russia with a special focus on the indigenous languages and culture of Siberia (phonetics and phonology, morphology, lexical studies, syntax, pragmatics in synchronic-, diachronic- and areal perspectives). We also invite presentations that are related to the documentation of endangered languages, their revitalization and ethnic minority education.     


In recent years, the scope of research interests of Tomsk typological school, and of the “Dulson Readings” conference, also encompasses a range of modern theoretical and methodological frameworks in addressing the variety of aspects of language systems' organization from general- and areal typological perspectives.


In 2011, the conference undertakes to facilitate and improve interaction among young scholars, as well as to support local typological research. The conference also pursues to pay special attention to the studies of language-internal and external factors in the evolution of language and cultures, individually and in interaction. As such, in 2011, especially welcome are presentations of the current and perspective research projects in such areas as:

- aspects of system-internal variation and evolution of grammar of individual language systems (aspects of grammaticalization) in lesser-studied languages of Russia (especially Finno-Ugric, Samoyedic, Yenisseic, Altaic);

- cultural/social context of language evolution;

- general and unique aspects of contact interaction in the evolution of languages and cultures;

- inter-disciplinary studies of endangered languages and cultures;

- theory, methodology and technology of documentation of linguistic and cultural diversity; 

- studies in material and cultural anthropology of Siberia.


Theoretical framework, terminology and methodology of research as well as the scope and depth of the existing studies vary to a great extent. The “XXVI Dulzon Readings” seeks to ensure the productive interaction of the theoretical approaches, methods and terminologies and to provide the extensive empirical data essential for the development of this research field.


The 2011 conference will host a mini summer school for the participants in the form of a seminar set in various aspects of general and areal typology, presented by plenary speakers. The exact program of the seminars will be announced at a later date.


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plenary speakers (TENTATIVE)


Lenore Grenoble - Carl Darling Buck Professor, University of Chicago.

Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm - professor, Stockholm University.

Vladimir Plungian: professor, Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy.

Andrey Kibrik: professor, Moscow State University.

Irina Nevskaya: professor, University of Frankfurt-am-Main.

Beata Wagner-Nagy: professor, University of Hamburg.

Alla Maltseva: Institute of Philology, Russian Academy, Novosibirsk.




important dates


Time of the conference:  24-28 June, 2011


Deadline for formal abstract submission: 10 March, 2011


Notification of acceptance: 20 March, 2011


Final decision on participation: 25 May, 2011




Abstract Requirements

Anonymous abstracts in Russian or English are to be submitted to the Programme Committee at siblang[at]tspu.edu.ru and should not exceed two pages including examples and references. The text of the abstract should be submitted as an attachment following these guidelines:

  • Attach two files (RTF AND PDF) named by the author’s last name.
  • Format the body of the text and the list of references: Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, 14, line spacing 1, justified, paragraph break 1 cm, margins – all 2.5 cm.
  • Citations in text to be noted in square brackets, as follows [Comrie 1981: 54].
  • The fonts used in text should be sent as separate attachments.
  • References should be listed alphabetically at the end of the text.




N. McCool

Tomsk State Pedagogical University

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1.      Givon T. 2001. Syntax. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

2.      Keenan E., Comrie B. 1979. ‘Data on the Noun Phrase Accessibility Hierarchy.’ Language 55.2: 333-351.

Accepted abstracts will be published for the conference.

The registration fee is 400 RUB.

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official languages


Russian, English



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Tel: +7(3822)522889
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